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  1. Labor will rezone the rail corridor through Hobart’s northern suburbs     Opportunity to unlock affordable housing     Policy has huge economic and social benefits A majority Labor Government would immediately move to rezone the rail corridor in Hobart’s northern suburbs to unlock significant social and economic opportunities. Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said it’s a no-brainer. […]

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  2. Latest SEIS report strengthens case for poker machine reform    Personal stories of problem gamblers and their families can’t be ignored    Labor proud to take a positive step to reduce harm   The personal stories in the latest Social and Economic Study of Gambling Impact Study cannot be ignored. Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said […]

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  3. Treasurer tried to bury the report and then lied about its existence   Report exposes the Treasurer and Premier’s lies over employment   317 full-time jobs linked with poker machines in pubs clubs, not 5000 The latest Social and Economic Impact Study of Gambling exposes the Liberal Government’s lies and confirms why the Treasurer tried […]

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  4. No funding attached to Hobart city deal announcement Maclolm Turnbull refuses to say if the deal is contingent on the Liberals winning the election Prime Minister dodges questions on Tasmania’s share of the GST Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s photo opportunity in Hobart has provided no certainty on crucial issues, including funding for the City Deal […]

    The post Prime Minister puts no funding on the table and refuses to answer key questions appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  5. Hidding and Hodgman held back funding for four years for pre-election splurge Money could have been spent on roads that would be finished by now Strategic spending better for Tasmanians than focus on election cycle A burst of election roads funding exposes the Liberals’ cynical approach to managing the state’s finances. Shadow Infrastructure Minister Shane […]

    The post Liberals’ cynical roads spend after years of inaction appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  6. Government had crucial gaming report prior to announcing its poker machine policy     Treasurer not telling the truth over report    Liberal policy locks poker machines in Tasmanian communities for another 25 years The Liberal Government had access to the latest Social and Economic Impact Study of Gambling report but chose to ignore it prior […]

    The post Treasurer had access to gaming report and ignored it appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  7. Hodgman and Hidding only acting now that election is on foot Do nothing government trying to fool Tasmanians that it has a plan Lack of detail, lack of costings, lack of action not good enough Four years after coming to government, the Liberals are now trying to hoodwink Tasmanians who have been burdened with a […]

    The post Liberals four years too late with vital infrastructure appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  8. Important gaming report the latest attempt to keep Tasmanians in the dark Too many reports remain hidden in Premier’s bottom drawer Government should use this week to come clean before State Election A litany of critical reports and advice to government still remain secret after Treasurer Peter Gutwein was caught out trying to keep an […]

    The post Hodgman’s secrecy needs to be cleared up before State Election appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  9. Government lies about receiving critical gaming report Three weeks after report delivered Gutwein finally finds it Hodgman and Ministers now renowned for deliberate secrecy Just hours after denying the existence of a report which is crucial to allow Tasmanians to understand the impact of poker machines, Treasurer Peter Gutwein has been caught out. Shadow Treasurer […]

    The post Government caught out – again – trying to hide crucial information from Tasmanians appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  10. Government must reveal who wrote its policy on gaming    Liberals adopt the gaming industry’s claims on jobs without backing them up   Hodgman putting vested interests ahead of people Liberal policy will burden Tasmanian communities with poker machines until 2043 Premier Will Hodgman must explain what advice from Treasury he relied on to develop […]

    The post Hodgman must back up jobs claims with evidence appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

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