Rebecca White MP | Labor Member for Lyons

When you sack more than 260 staff across Tasmania’s state primary and high schools – nearly 160 of them teachers – you are not acting in the best interests of education, let alone in the best interests of our future generations.

Yet in 2014 that’s what the State and Federal Liberal Governments did – slashing more than $2.1 billion from Tasmania’s public health and education.

Across Tasmania this month students have returned to school, but unfortunately it’s not all good news. Class sizes have blown out, in some cases to more than 30 students. The Liberals cuts mean resources for literacy and numeracy support have decreased, as well as music, drama and language classes – important programs that ensure students remain engaged in learning.

It means our kids are missing out.

This month a Labor Government has committed to restoring the damage done by the Liberals. We’ve spoken to teachers, students and parents and they’ve all asked us to repair the damage done to our schools.

Labor will invest in education because doing so makes our state stronger and fairer and because Labor stands for accessible and quality life-long learning. Labor will make Tasmania the Education State, in order to this Labor will:

  1. Immediately restore teacher numbers to pre-Hodgman levels.
  2. Support our teachers through improved training.
  3. Invest in our students' future by reinstating pathway planning.
  4. Restore the damage done to TAFE by keeping training dollars in Tasmania.
  5. Make education a whole of life experience and encourage Tasmanians to reskill on the job via university or TAFE.

Public education should be valued and continually developed. Our schools and teachers are something to be safeguarded and enriched, not ripped apart.

You can read more about Tasmanian Labor’s policy at our website:

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