Rebecca White MP | Labor Member for Lyons

The Liberal Government must urgently explain how it’s going to cut 700 jobs in less than nine months.

Treasurer Peter Gutwein has revealed that all 500 new jobs on the chopping block will be gone by the end of June 2015.

Mr Gutwein told the ABC’s 7.30 Tasmania program:

“The 500 positions we now have to consider will need to be worked through over this financial year.”

(7.30 Tasmania, ABC 26/9/2014)

Labor Leader Bryan Green says 200 of the Liberals’ original 700 job cuts were also coming in this financial year.

“This means 700 jobs are set to be wiped out in less than nine months,” Mr Green said.

“Peter Gutwein and Will Hodgman have to explain where these jobs will come from and what services will be cut as a consequence.

“The Liberal Government does not appear capable of articulating a way forward.

“While the Liberals are refusing to talk to public sector workers, the least they can do is talk to the wider Tasmanian community.  

“Uncertainty saps business confidence and at the moment the Government is allowing uncertainty to rule.

“A long held promise to only cut 500 positions has ballooned out to 1200 in the blink of an eye.”

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