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The Tasmanian winter is in full swing and on a cold winter morning it can be difficult to get out of bed. One motivation might be the thought of hopping into a warm shower. But the cost to do this might be about to jump. This month Labor has launched a petition calling for TasNetworks to rule out drastically increasing the cost of hot water and heating.

TasNetworks is considering abolishing Tariff 41 from its energy pricing structure. Many households rely on Tariff 41 to run their hot water and heating. Tariff 41 applies to household type hot water supply systems with direct wired electric heating and permanently installed wired-in electric heaters.  Tariff 41 provides houses with hot water at a discounted rate of around 17 cents per day for the fixed cost, compared to the general Tariff 31 which costs around 90 cents a day. 

Labor strongly opposes the removal of Tariff 41 as Tasmanians have invested in heaters and hot water systems to take advantage of the discount rate. It’s not fair for the Liberals to pull the rug out from underneath them now.

Abolishing Tariff 41 could result in huge increases to household annual power bills. The Liberal Government’s own Energy Working group member, Marc White warned that annual power bills could go up by as much as $1000. Abolishing Tariff 41 could cause hardship for many Tasmanian families already struggling.

Labor is calling on TasNetworks to rule out abolishing Tariff 41 and continue to support all Tasmanians who rely on Tariff 41 to run their hot water and heating. You can sign our petition my visiting my Electorate Office at 33 Cole Street, Sorell or I am happy to send you a copy of the petition if you call my office on 6212 2225.

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