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  1. Bridgewater Bridge stalls again Liberal Government forced to prepare a new business case Hobart Airport Interchange blows out to worsen debt disaster The failed former Health Minister, Michael Ferguson, has wasted no time applying his peerless incompetence to the infrastructure portfolio. Today in Senate Estimates, the Federal Infrastructure Department could not say when the Bridgewater […]

    The post Major projects off the rails under Michael Ferguson appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  2. Will Hodgman to close TasTAFE Launceston CBD Rockliff yet to answer basic questions on closure Tasmanian jobseekers will suffer Will Hodgman and Jeremy Rockliff need to come clean with northern Tasmanians over the future of the Launceston CBD TasTAFE campus. Last week the Examiner exposed the Liberals secret plan to close the Launceston TasTAFE campus. […]

    The post Liberals fail community on Launceston CBD TasTAFE closure appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  3. Ferguson misleads parliament on extravagant consultants fees Liberals don’t know what’s happening in their own departments 30 year infrastructure fails on almost every measure Revelations today that Michael Ferguson lied or forgot spending $93,000 of taxpayers money on the botched 30 year infrastructure strategy will rightly concern many Tasmanians. In Question Time on Thursday*, said […]

    The post Which is it, Minister? Lies or incompetence? appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  4. Gag laws should be removed More information needed on changes to Criminal Code Labor has long advocated to change wording around “relationships” Labor has welcomed changes to section 194K of the Evidence Act announced by the State Government today. Shadow Attorney General Ella Haddad said that Labor has long called for the Hodgman Government to […]

    The post Labor welcomes changes to protect survivors of sexual abuse appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  5. Crucial projects constantly being delayed Ferguson must come clean and admit he can’t deliver Are projects being deliberately slowed down to prop up the budget? The Hodgman Minority Government’s failure to deliver major infrastructure projects may be used to make the budget look better and delay the looming debt disaster. Shadow Treasurer, David O’Byrne, said […]

    The post Michael Ferguson failing to deliver major infrastructure appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  6. Reports outline security flaws, inadequate facilities and staff pressures Government must act to protect correctional officers and the community Two Custodial Inspector’s reports, tabled in Parliament today, raise serious concerns with correctional and youth detention facilities around Tasmania. Shadow Minister for Corrections Ella Haddad said the Hodgman Government must act immediately to prioritise community safety […]

    The post Government action needed following damning Custodial Inspections appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  7. Labor welcomes rare bright spot in jobs data More work to do Underemployment still worst in the nation Shadow Treasurer David O’Byrne today welcomed a long overdue improvement in ABS jobs data. “It’s nice that after a year of job losses and deterioration in the participation rate, we have some good news,” Mr O’Byrne said. “Labor […]

    The post Jobs data finally showing signs of improvement appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  8. $115,000 for consultants to engage community over prison services Liberal members must face Westbury community themselves It’s appalling for the Hodgman Liberal Government to be spending more than $115,000 on consultants to engage Tasmanians over prison services, including the long overdue consultation for the new northern prison. Shadow Corrections Minister, Ella Haddad, said the Government […]

    The post Government spends $115,000 for consultants to do the work of Liberal MPs appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  9. 30 year infrastructure fails on almost every measure In less than 24 hours, Ferguson has already junked key parts of the strategy Buzzwords no replacement for action After four delays and almost a year overdue, the Liberals 30 year infrastructure strategy was released with little publicity or fanfare yesterday. In Question Time today, the day […]

    The post Bell tolls for Liberals’ infrastructure strategy appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  10. Liberals all talk and no action on Hydrogen Hodgman and Barnett must release “plan” today Hundreds of potential jobs to go begging In Question Time today, Will Hodgman refused to provide any detail or table its very overdue and very secret Hydrogen plan. The Queensland Government announced its strategy in May 2019. The Western Australian Government released […]

    The post Where is the Liberals’ Hydrogen generation plan? appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

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