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  1. Michael Ferguson’s debt-ridden first budget will see Tasmanian families slugged well into the future. It’s ordinary mums and dads who will suffer for the Rockliff-Ferguson Government’s plan to borrow $3.5 million a day every day and accumulate an interest bill of $611 million over the next four years. This plan can mean only one thing […]

    The post Ferguson’s future debt can only mean more pain for Tasmanians appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  2. Michael Ferguson has fundamentally failed to understand the purpose of a genuine Gender Budget, delivering a light-on-detail glossy brochure. The purpose of a genuine Gender Budget is to create a fiscal tool to drive economic and social equality and identify structural inequalities for women – something the Rockliff-Ferguson Government has embarrassingly failed to grasp. What […]

    The post Ferguson delivers embarrassing glossy brochure instead of genuine Gender Budget appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  3. Michael Ferguson’s first budget has shredded the Liberal Party’s credibility when it comes to economic management. The Rockliff-Ferguson Government will borrow $3.5 million every day for the next four years, debt will rise to $5.2 billion and Tasmanian taxpayers will foot a $611 million interest bill. Mr Ferguson will bring in record deficits each year […]

    The post Michael Ferguson wrecks Tasmania’s Budget at his first attempt appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  4. Labor supports the right to protest but not when it places workers at risk. Labor has sought to amend the Rockliff-Ferguson Government’s so-called Workplace Protections Bill to remove public annoyance provisions and include protections for workers engaged in industrial action, disputes or campaigns. Disgracefully, last night, the government again used its numbers to unnecessarily guillotine […]

    The post Protection for workers should be paramount in protest debate appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  5. The Rockliff-Ferguson Liberals have voted down a Cost of Living Taskforce that would have investigated and recommended approaches to relieve the escalating cost of living on Tasmanian families. With inflation now at 5.8 per cent and wage growth only at 2.8 per cent, the Taskforce would have investigated how to provide relief to more and […]

    The post Out-of-touch, heartless Liberals vote down Cost of Living Taskforce appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  6. There are nearly 1,200 Tasmanian households who currently rent their properties with support from the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS). NRAS is coming to an end over the next five years and with 167 Tasmanian properties to exit the scheme this year, tenants cannot afford market rent. They face being evicted into homelessness but today […]

    The post Rockliff doing nothing to prevent Tasmanians evicted into homelessness appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  7. More than two years after serious concerns about decades of failure by the Public Trustee were raised, Attorney-General Elise Archer has finally indicated she plans to address them. While it is encouraging Ms Archer has given in principle support to the recommendations of the Bugg Review, a huge workload remains to deliver the much-needed change […]

    The post Archer finally recognises Public Trustee issues … but required change still to come appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  8. The Rockliff-Ferguson government continues to fail Tasmanians, focussing on a $750m floating stadium instead of helping families with the cost-of-living crisis. Frontline workers in Tasmania, including nurses, teachers and firefighters, are paid significantly less than their mainland counterparts.  With prices rising much faster than wages in Tasmania, workers and families are going backwards at a […]

    The post Liberals put a $750m floating stadium ahead of the wellbeing of Tasmanians appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  9. The catastrophic situation today at the Launceston General Hospital should be a final wake-up call to the Rockliff-Ferguson Government to provide urgent and increased funding in the Budget this week. The dire situation which has unfolded today resulting in patients being asked to reconsider visiting the LGH because staff are overwhelmed, is a direct consequence […]

    The post Rockliff-Ferguson budget can no longer ignore dire state of hospitals appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  10. The first State Budget of the Rockliff-Ferguson Government must address the on-going crisis engulfing the ambulance service which continues to have a devastating effect on paramedics, volunteers and Tasmanians needing help in emergencies. Ambulance response times have blown out by 30 per cent under the Liberal Government and Tasmania has the worst response times in […]

    The post Rockliff-Ferguson Budget cannot fail frontline paramedics again appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

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