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  1. Frontline health staff in Latrobe have today walked off the job, highlighting yet again Premier Jeremy Rockliff’s comprehensive failure on his promise to place a greater focus on fixing the health crisis. The strike action comes after the tragic death of a woman aged in her 70s who was ramped for nine hours while waiting […]

    The post More industrial action by nurses highlights Rockliff’s on-going fail on health action appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  2. The Liberal Party seems to have no idea who its candidate will be in the Pembroke by-election. After brashly declaring they would definitely be running a candidate, and despite advertising for a couple of weeks, it looks like the Liberals are struggling to find anyone who wants to join their dysfunctional and rapidly disintegrating Government. […]

    The post Where is the Liberal candidate for Pembroke? appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  3. The Liberal Government continues to get the basics wrong on the most important issues facing Tasmanians as a leaked document highlights the dire situation at child services. In the last fortnight we’ve seen Tasmania’s economy tumble down the national rankings, our nurses walk out of our hospitals in despair, new data show the housing crisis […]

    The post Children left at risk as child safety faces collapse appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  4. As Homelessness Week draws to a close, Tasmanians have once again seen no evidence of progress from a Government that has failed to get the basics right in housing for nearly a decade. Their failure to get the basics right—across the entire housing system—means a record number of Tasmanians are being forced to endure another […]

    The post Barnett fails test during Homelessness Week appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  5. The Premier’s failure to get the basics right on the cost of living is placing huge financial pressure on Tasmanians. Today Devonport resident Charmaine Cohen outlined how the growing cost of living means she is forced to make decisions about what to go without. Charmain is a grandmother caring for her granddaughter and like so […]

    The post Premier not getting the basics right on cost of living appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  6. In another astonishing media performance, the Energy Minister Guy Barnett has threatened the media with a defamation case if they publish the fact he lied to Tasmanians this morning on radio.  This morning on TasTalks radio, Guy Barnett told Tasmanians that energy price increases had nothing to do with his broken promise of delinking from […]

    The post Barnett goes from lies to threats appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  7. Guy Barnett’s dismal performance on radio this morning has exposed how far the embattled Energy Minister is willing to go to cover up the truth about soaring power prices. On radio this morning Mr Barnett lied to listeners, saying that power prices would not be cheaper if we had delinked from the National Electricity Market.  […]

    The post Bizarre and misleading comments need clarifying from struggling energy minister appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  8. The weak Rockliff Government’s broken promise to delink Tasmania from the National Electricity Market has left Tasmanians at risk of further power price rises, as well as being potentially liable for millions of dollars in compensation to mainland power generators. With power prices soaring to unprecedented levels and electricity providers pressuring the Australian Energy Market […]

    The post Liberals’ power price inaction set to cause more pain for Tasmanians appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  9. It is two months today since the Liberals announced they would not de-link Tasmania from the National Electricity Market (NEM). Because they didn’t, prices have gone up by almost 12 per cent for every Tasmanian household. There has never been a good explanation for why they have abandoned the policy to put Tasmanians first. Alderman […]

    The post Labor backs Luke Edmunds’ plan for energy inquiry appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

  10. The unprecedented decision by Jeremy Rockliff to cancel the Tasmanian Parliament for the second time in just six months has shown all Tasmanians how weak his government is. The government is falling apart at the seams with a revolving door of Ministers plunging the government into a tail spin. Jeremy Rockliff can’t get the basics […]

    The post Rockliff’s refusal to act on power prices plunges Parliament into chaos appeared first on Tasmanian Labor.

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