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  1. A damning new national report has backed growing concerns about Tasmania’s teacher shortage, with applications for vacant positions falling dramatically. The 2022 Skills Priority List Key Findings Report released this week shows a sharp decline in suitable applicants for education professionals, including early childhood teachers, primary school teachers and secondary school teachers. This is despite […]

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  2. A new report showing Hobart rents are more expensive than Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth underlines the crisis facing renters across Tasmania and the need for urgent action. PropTrack’s latest Market Insight shows renters in Hobart are paying a median rent of $500 a week – 6.4 per cent more than the same time last […]

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  3. A bombshell report has alleged Tasmanians have suffered a $232 million power bill rip off since 2014. The report, produced by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, alleges TasNetworks overcharged Tasmanians for transmission and distribution services by $232 million between 2014 and 2021. The report claims these “supernormal profits do not appear consistent […]

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  4. Storm clouds continue to gather around Tasmania’s construction industry, meanwhile we have a reactive Liberal Government failing to take serious economic headwinds seriously. Master Builders have projected a prolonged slump in new housing starts. The Building and Construction Industry Forecast calculates that the number of new housing starts will remain below 2019 levels through 2026. […]

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  5. Nearly a decade after promising “a fairer, faster, cheaper, simpler planning system”, the empty Huntingfield site stands as a stark reminder of the Liberal Government’s failure to deliver, Acting Labor Leader and Shadow Minister for Local Government and Planning Anita Dow said. “The Liberals promised a single state-wide planning scheme in 2014. Nearly a decade […]

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  6. The situation for the Tasmania Police service has become dire, with the Tasmanian Police’s own data revealing that over a quarter of shifts are not meeting the bare minimum safe staffing levels in one our largest police stations. Police officers in Hobart are frequently working below safe levels, as the station is often left critically […]

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  7. The Premier’s failure to rule out an impact on the Cenotaph is further evidence that his planned $750 million stadium is reckless and ill thought out. Jeremy Rockliff’s obsession with building a stadium at Macquarie Point in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis was already a bad idea. And the more we learn about it, […]

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  8. Energy Minister Guy Barnett has again refused to answer basic questions about the future of Project Marinus. Labor asked Mr Barnett for confirmation that he had rejected another offer from the Federal Government to pay for well over half of the Project Marinus construction cost.  He refused to answer the question. This is not the […]

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  9. Felix Ellis and Guy Barnett must say whether they support a new $750 million stadium in Hobart. Both were given the opportunity to outline their support for the stadium yesterday, but refused to do so. If they do not, it will be clear that the Cabinet is split. As Minister for State Development, responsible for […]

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  10. The Liberal Government have today revealed how truly divided they are, with two key members of parliament refusing to announce their support for the new $750 million stadium in Hobart. Despite his showboating and bravado Felix Ellis, through all his incoherent lashings of the politics of yesteryear, failed to announce his support for the new […]

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