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Rebecca White MP | Labor Member for Lyons

The Liberal Government has revealed it’s only motivated by politics when it comes to an inquiry into events at Triabunna.

Labor MP Rebecca White said the Liberals have disappointingly knocked back a move to make the inquiry more constructive.

“Labor backed an amendment which would have meant the inquiry looked forward rather than just backwards,” Ms White said.

“We wanted the committee to look at opportunities for economic growth in the North-East, on the West Coast, as well as Triabunna.

“Towns like Queenstown and Scottsdale would benefit for a positive investigation into how to grow jobs in their communities.

“Instead the Liberals want to use valuable parliamentary time and money to pursue a political dead end.

“All Guy Barnett and his colleagues want to do is force their political opponents to participate in a drawn out witch hunt.

“I share the frustration and anger in the community about the closure and sale of the Triabunna mill.

“But I honestly believe the town wants to now look forwards, not dwell on the past.

“The Liberals have today put political point scoring ahead of constructive community support.” 

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Rebecca White

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