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Rebecca White MP | Labor Member for Lyons

  • Hickey calls the shots in Hodgman Government
  • Liberal Government consumed by chaos
  • Backroom deals and desperate pleas for support from a weak Premier

Premier Will Hodgman’s leadership has been irreparably weakened by his desperate and ultimately futile attempts to stave off minority government.

Sue Hickey remains a member of Liberal Party in name alone and cannot guarantee that she will not walk next week, next month, or next year.

“Tasmanians talk about wanting a government that has a clear agenda that speaks with one voice, that is not compromised and dependent on political backroom deals for its survival, but that is what they have and what is typically wrong with minority governments. They are compromised governments that say one thing and do another. Their political survival depends upon backroom deals and horse-trading, bringing with it uncertainty and confusion.”

Will Hodgman – House of Assembly Hansard – 6 March 2013

Labor Leader Rebecca White said Will Hodgman’s Government was inherently unstable and bitterly divided.

“Tasmanians are not getting the stable majority government they were promised,” Ms White said.

“We’ve had a fortnight of complete chaos, with crisis meetings on health and housing, an embarrassing Cabinet reshuffle and over the last week the Government have been on edge waiting for Ms Hickey’s decision.

“Today’s announcement changes nothing because Sue Hickey still won’t give the Government her unconditional support and has said she will assess her feeling about the Government fortnight to fortnight.

“The question Tasmanians are rightly asking today is who is leading the State – Ms Hickey is calling the shots while the Premier begs for her support behind closed doors.”

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