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Rebecca White MP | Labor Member for Lyons

Bob Brown should be ashamed of his breathtaking hypocrisy in opposing the Robbins Island wind farm.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said Mr Brown’s campaign against the renewable energy project highlighted everything that was wrong with the Greens.

“Bob Brown has been traipsing across Australia campaigning against the coal industry, claiming that the future is renewable energy,” Ms White said.

“Meanwhile in Tasmania, the former Greens leader is actively campaigning against a project that would create hundreds of jobs.

“Labor is a strong supporter of jobs in the renewable energy industry. These jobs are sorely needed at a time when Tasmania’s unemployment rate is the worst in the country.

“The Robbins Island wind farm should be allowed to go through the normal planning processes without being attacked by Bob Brown.

“If the Tasmanian Greens truly support renewable energy they should condemn their former Leader’s extreme views about the Robbins Island project.”

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Rebecca White

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