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Rebecca White MP | Labor Member for Lyons

Shadow Health Minister Rebecca White today called on the Tasmanian Liberal Government to say where it stands on Tony Abbott’s GP tax.

“The question Tasmanians want answered is whether the State Liberals are going to be apologists for this tricky tax or stand up to Tony Abbott,” Ms White said.

Health Minister Michael Ferguson needs to release the report into the Royal Hobart Hospital redevelopment.

Shadow Health Minister Rebecca White said Tasmanians deserve to know what’s going on, especially given the $1 million price tag attached to the taskforce.

National exposure of drug problems on the North-West Coast and a lack of rehabilitation services is a big wake-up call for the Government and Health Minister Michael Ferguson, according to Shadow Health Minister Rebecca White.

Ms White said the ABC Four Corners program last night gave an alarming insight into the horrible impact illicit drugs are having on regional and rural communities.

Shadow Health Minister Rebecca White is calling on Health Minister Michael Ferguson to rule out privatisation of 18 residential and four acute beds at the Midlands Multi-Purpose Health Centre.

“Mr Ferguson needs to give residents and staff confidence they will not lose their hospital which has been serving the community for 35 years,” Ms White said.

Shadow Health Minister Rebecca White today accused Health Minister Michael Ferguson of dodging questions over planned cuts to Tasmania’s Jack Jumper Allergy Program.

“Mr Ferguson will not say whether the Burnie clinic will remain open raising serious questions over its commitment to maintaining the program,” Ms White said.

The Liberal Government’s broken promise to protect frontline services has been laid bare, with confirmation the Northern THO has to slash $8.1 million in just nine months.

Responses to questions asked during estimates also reveal the Southern THO will have to find over $8.5 million in savings, with $5.2 million to come from the North West.

Labor Shadow Health Minister Rebecca White said the cuts would have an inevitable impact on frontline services.

“The Liberal Government is attacking workers and sacrificing essential health services to pay for its unaffordable election commitments,” Ms White said.

“The Government’s twisted priorities will hurt Tasmanians.

Shadow Health Minister Rebecca White has asked how Tasmanians can have faith in Michael Ferguson’s ability to balance the health budget when he spends $8000 on media releases and $23,000 on office re-fits, all while refusing to detail how he will make savings.
It was revealed today in Budget Estimates that Mr Ferguson contracted a private media consultant to draft a press release and key spin lines for $8000 in the wake of Jane Holden’s departure from the THO.

Human Services Minister Jacquie Petrusma has failed to explain the impact of budget cuts on her department.

Shadow Minister Rebecca White said despite the budget being delayed until the end of August, the Minister couldn't tell today's estimates hearing how much pain will be felt in her portfolio.

"The Minister either doesn't know or is deliberately keeping Tasmanians in the dark," Ms White said.

Jacquie Petrusma is still unable to explain how more than $1 billion worth of assets can disappear into thin air.
Ms Petrusma put out a wishy-washy media statement which provided no clear-cut answers to questions about the write down in the value of DHHS assets.
Both the minister for health and the minister for human services have been unable to clearly explain the missing $1 billion from their portfolios. 

Health Minister Michael Ferguson has contradicted Human Services Minister Jacquie Petrusma by tonight admitting that Tasmanian public housing will be privatised.
In response to questioning about a $1.4 billion asset reduction in the Health and Human Services budget papers it has been revealed that the title of 4000 properties will be transferred from Housing Tasmania.

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