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Rebecca White MP | Labor Member for Lyons

Today the Minister for Human Services confirmed that the Hodgman Liberal Government will be privatising public housing.

Shadow Minister Rebecca White said it’s in stark contrast to the Liberals’ promise before the election to not privatise public assets.

“Labor does not support the privatisation of public housing,” Ms White said.

Labor Leader Bryan Green said the handling of the child protection crisis has set a dangerous precedent for ministerial responsibility.

“The Premier has today endorsed the way a genuine crisis in child protection was kept from the Human Services Minister Jacquie Petrusma,” Mr Green said.

“The Premier is basically saying that crucial information can come into a ministerial office and not be passed on to the Minister.

“This sets a dangerous precedent where staff may choose to deliberately withhold information from the Minister and no one will be held accountable for it.

State Labor today questioned the curious timing around when the 151 child protection notifications ignored on the North-West Coast were made public.

“No action was taken on almost 90 family violence notifications and the Government has not adequately explained why it was not revealed when it first knew of it,” Ms White said.

“Was there a deliberate decision made not to inform the public of the crisis because it would have spoilt the Premier’s announcement on the Government’s response to family violence in the very same week?

More than a year after Health Minister Michael Ferguson announced a $23.4 million increase to elective surgery spending, the panel to administer the funding hasn’t even been finalised.

Shadow Health Minister Rebecca White said it’s an embarrassing confession from the Government.

“Right To Information documents confirm the panel that’s supposed to implement the elective surgery spend hasn’t been selected yet,” Ms White said.

Human Services Minister Jacquie Petrusma has failed to take responsibility for her own failings throughout the child protection crisis on the North West Coast.
The North West Child Protection Services Report only goes part of the way to explaining why 151 babies and children were potentially put at harm.
Shadow Human Services Minister Rebecca White said many questions remain unanswered.

The Minister for Health, Michael Ferguson, has given an insight into the blame game going on in the Liberal Party over the crisis in child protection.

During an unedifying contribution to the motion of no confidence in Jacquie Petrusma this afternoon, Mr Ferguson said someone else was to blame.

Mr Ferguson said someone had let the Minister down and Ms Petrusma would have been within her rights to lay the blame at someone else’s feet.

Shadow Minister for Human Services, Rebecca White, said the Government was not taking the crisis seriously.

“Who does Mr Ferguson have in mind to take the fall?”, Ms White said.

“It is patently clear that the witch hunt and blame game in the Liberal Government is well and truly under way.

“This makes an absolute farce of the Minister’s claims that she has taken responsibility for the crisis.

“It shows the Liberals have no concept of Ministerial Responsibility.

“Labor believes that Ms Petrusma has no one to blame but herself for the crisis in child protection that saw 151 cases of potential abuse and neglect ignored.

“That is why we have no confidence in the Minister.”

Human Service Minister Jacquie Petrusma is refusing to say whether she met her department in the three weeks before the crisis in child protection became public.

“This leaves a huge question mark over Ms Petrusma’s handling of her portfolio and raises serious concerns over whether the Minister has the confidence of the department,” Ms White said.

“Why is Ms Petrusma continuing to dodge such a crucial question over whether she met with her department?

“It is inconceivable that if the department met with Ms Petrusma they would not tell her of the child protection crisis.

“It is standard practice for Ministers to receive regular weekly updates from departmental heads to be briefed on emerging issues.

“It is unprecedented that the department would brief unions before actually telling the Minister.

“We know that the Minister’s office was aware of the crisis last Thursday, if not earlier, yet Ms Petrusma is still maintaining she didn’t know until Monday.

“Ministerial accountability is at the heart of this issue and Ms Petrusma is ultimately responsible for this mess.”

Future of the Mersey Community Hospital has again been thrust under the spotlight tonight  following revelations of a leaked Federal Government Cabinet minute.

“The Liberal Government needs to explain why the Mersey was included on the Cabinet meeting agenda,” Ms White said.

“Why would the Mersey be on the agenda when the North-West Coast has been assured the Commonwealth will continue funding the hospital?

“The Cabinet leak raises suspicion over whether the funding deal has been ratified and if the Liberals will honour their commitment to Mersey.

The Cabinet leak follows the tabling of a petition signed by 5621 people in State Parliament today expressing concern over the future of the hospital.

“It seems people on the North-West Coast have every right to be concerned.

“Tony Abbott must come clean on whether there is now a question mark over the future funding.”


Human Services Jacquie Petrusma must immediately explain how and why she was kept in the dark over a crisis in child protection.

Shadow Human Services Minister Rebecca White said the Minister’s answers during Question Time were alarming.

“How is it possible that the Minister was only informed of the situation in child protection yesterday?,” Ms White said.

“We know the Department has been aware of the situation for more than three weeks.


“The Minister conceded this morning that both the unions and her own office were briefed on the matter last week.

“It beggars belief that the Minister was kept in the dark until yesterday.

“Minister Petrusma must immediately explain why she was the last to know.

“The Minister has confirmed that 62 of the ignored notifications have been deemed serious enough to warrant a full investigation.

“It’s completely unacceptable that this many serious cases were allowed to go unchecked, some for more than 300 days.

“This is an unprecedented breakdown of Tasmania’s child protection system and it is unbelievable that it took three weeks for the Minister and the Premier to take action."

The child protection system is in crisis with the alarming revelation that more than 200 notifications made in the North West were not assessed.

Shadow Human Services Minister Rebecca White said it’s an enormous failure on the Government’s watch.

“The Minister must immediately explain why more than 200 child protection cases were ignored,” Ms White said.

“When a notification is made to child protection it needs to be assessed as a matter of priority.

“When more than 200 notifications have not been followed up, the consequences for those children could be terrible.

“One notification was left without assessment for more than 300 days.  

“A large number of the notifications were for children under three years of age and many were made as unborn baby alerts.

“This is extremely concerning and could prove disastrous for those children.

“Labor has continually been raising concerns with Minister Jacquie Petrusma about the inadequate resourcing of the child protection system.

“We also asked the Minister to explain why fewer investigations were happening when the number of notifications hadn’t dropped. 

“On each occasion the Minister has given an assurance that all notifications are assessed.

“The discovery of 200 notifications that have not been assessed shows we were right is raising concerns about the figures because the Minister’s hollow assurance simply does not reveal the truth.”

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