Rebecca White MP 
Tasmanian Labor Leader
Labor Member for Lyons

Shadow Minister for Federal State Relations

Shadow Minister for Trade and Investment

Shadow Minister for Tourism, Hospitality and Events

Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

Regional communities are the heart and soul of Tasmania.

Whether you live in Sheffield or Sorell, Bridgewater or Bicheno, the wide open spaces, safe streets and friendly neighbours you find in small towns and local communities make them great places to raise families.

I want regional communities to thrive. I have the energy and vigour to drive growth for regional Tasmania.

Now more than ever, people throughout Lyons need job security, better transport – more buses and better roads – and better access to services.

I want parents to raise their children secure in the knowledge there is a future for their community.

We must work harder to support our towns’ small businesses and our farmers who are the lifeblood of regional Tasmania.

It is important that Tasmania continues with improvements to water infrastructure with the aim of making Tasmania Australia’s food bowl.

This is a program I fully support. It offers great opportunity for communities throughout Lyons.

The rollout of the NBN will help connect us to the world and provide new ways for communities to engage with Government, private enterprise and each other.

As someone born in Lyons and raised on my parents’ farm ‘Redbanks’ in Nugent I know the issues that confront regional Tasmania.

I have built my own home in the electorate and have a personal stake in ensuring the concerns of country people are heard, listened to and acted upon down in Hobart.

Rebecca White

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Labor's COVID-19 Recovery Package - Creating Jobs

Free TAFE courses, more trainees and infrastructure projects will accelerate Tasmania’s recovery

COVID-19 has had the greatest social and economic impact on Tasmania in a generation.

Many businesses have closed, some permanently, more than 20,000 Tasmanians have lost their jobs and, tragically, 13 people have lost their lives.

The pandemic has also amplified inequality in our community. Before the virus, Tasmania had the highest rate of underemployment in the country, and too many people relied on precarious casual employment. Many of these were the first to lose their jobs when COVID-19 hit.

But we have a unique opportunity to emerge from this crisis a better and fairer state, with opportunities for all Tasmanians.

Labor’s COVID-19 Recovery Package, which will form the basis of Labor’s submission to the Premier’s Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Council, is designed to get Tasmanians back into jobs, help those hardest hit by the pandemic, and create a better, fairer and more resilient economy and society.

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Violence in America holds up a mirror to racism in Australia

Tasmanian Labor Leader Rebecca White’s Talking Point on COVID-19.

If you, like me, are watching what is occurring in America and feeling anxiety build in the pit of your stomach as the growing tension over race spills into the streets, then maybe you’re ready to help shine a spotlight on inequality and racism here at home before more time is lost.

It may be a coincidence that the events in America are occurring during Reconciliation Week here in Australia, but it’s a jarring reminder that we have similar problems with inequality, racism and discrimination that must be addressed.

The stories of racism and prejudice in Australia may not make the mainstream media as frequently as they do in America, but the stories exist. And they are equally as shocking.

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